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Since MP3 recorders and computers are widely used in our shacks, a growing numer of stations are getting used to recording QSOs.

This page contains some audio files which have been sent to me via email during the latest years.


Me and being called by Randy K5ZD on 40m SSB during CQWW DX SSB 2008 mp3

Randy called IO4T while doing S&P on 40 at 00.42z, Sat morning.


Me calling Andre F5UKL/QRP on 20m CW on Nov 11, 2008 mp3

Band was almost closed (at 17z... SSN 0 day) and my Kent single pad key was loosing its screw regulations.


Me calling D44AC on 15m SSB during WPX SSB, 2008 mp3 

Good opening on 15m saturday afternoon, I was working 100W on a tuned 1/4 vertical for 10m on my balcony.


IQ4AX in QSO with AD4C on 20m SSB Sep 14, 2007 mp3 

Hector recorded my voice while working him in Florida.





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